Fundínio, S.A. produces aluminium high pressure die casting parts for the automotive industry, telecommunications, rail transportation, and others, that require high technical skills. As support activities we have developed an important know-how in machining, assembling and painting (outsource), providing a wide range of possibilities for our clients’ projects.


To produce high technical demanding parts, through a continuous improvement management philosophy, providing our clients with the best quality products and service, respecting their specific requirements, at the most competitive prices, and preserving the environment.


We believe in the diversification of markets and business branches. In that sense we have developed an expertise in the production of parts in which the aesthetic plays a role as important as the functional aspect.


Our history goes back to 1969 with the foundation of INDUFER, a pioneer in Portugal in high pressure aluminium die casting. At the time our main business activity was the production of home appliances, ironware and cutlery. In 1984 with the new company designation EMOAÇO we have begun working for the automotive and lighting industries. Fundínio is born in 1995 as a result of a company bailout program, absorving all of Emoaço, and keeping its line of business. In August 2010 Fundínio, S.A. is established, as a spin-off of Fundínio. Today we continue our work with the automotive industry but we have expanded our client base to other industries such as the telecommunications, rail transportation, and others, which demand high technical skills. We currently employ 100 workers within a facility of 11.600 m2 including 7.700m2 of built area in Senhora da Hora, 2 km away from Porto, minutes away from the city's harbour and the international airport.

Our Work

We are pleased to present you a glimpse of our work.


Our very experienced technical department supports every step of the project, from die's design to the finished part, including machining, assembling and painting or other superficial finishing. We are well equipped with HPDC machines ranging from 250 to 1250 ton and a team of experts in this field.

Industrial Equipment

  • 9 HPDC machines, from 250 up to 1250 ton
  • 7 Trimming presses
  • 3 Melting furnaces
  • 7 CNC machining centers
  • 5 CNC lathes
  • Several dedicated machining devices
  • 3 Tumble units
  • 3 robots for automatic cells

Quality & Environment

It is our policy to continuously improve all of our company’s resources in order to assure product and service quality. Our systems and procedures comply with our clients individual requirements and are documented on our Quality Management System available to all staff through our internal computer system.. We have been ISO/TS 16949 certified since 2004 and our current certificate is valid until 2017.

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Quality Certification
Environmental Certification
Anúncio Ações Nominativas 2017

Our quality control equipment includes

  • 1 X-Ray machine
  • 1 Mass spectrometer
  • 1 CMM tri-dimensional measuring machine
  • Several leak proof test devices
  • 2 Transfer machines with artificial vision, weight measurement and threads deburring

Quality Process

  • Rugosity control
  • Chemical analysis by emission spectometry
  • Metal temperature control
  • Visual control
  • X-ray control

Quality Product

  • Artificial vision control
  • Chemical analysis by emission spectometry
  • Dimensional control
  • Mechanical test (when required)
  • Leakproof tests

Contact Us.

Fundínio SA is always ready to help customers, so please contact us within our working hours and we are always at your disposal for any questions and help you solve any problem.

  • Address: Rua do Carriçal, 38 – 4460-273 Senhora da Hora – Portugal
  • Phone: +351 229 578 430
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